MANJHA – Vishal Mishra Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords for Manjha by Vishal Mishra Song Name – ManjhaSinger – Vishal MishraFeaturing – Aayush Sharma & Saiee M Manjrekar Lyrics – Akshay Tripathi & Vishal MishraChords – Bm, F#m, G, AStrumming Pattern – D,UUD,UU,D Easy way to play with a capo on 2nd fret. With capo chords will be – Am, Em, F, … Read more MANJHA – Vishal Mishra Guitar Chords

Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android

dark theme on whatsapp

Dark theme or Dark Mode on WhatsApp So finally it is here, you can now use the dark theme on Beta version of official WhatsApp. It might have taken a long but worth the wait. I have checked and used the dark mode on Android WhatsApp. I am satisfied with the experience. In my earlier … Read more Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android

WhatsApp Dark Mode – What You need to Know First

Dark Mode or Dark Theme on WhatsApp, I know everyone is waiting for this feature update. “What you need to know is there is no dark mode till now.” The latest beta release of WhatsApp 2.19.254 don’t include the dark mode as well. But WhatsApp is continuing its efforts to make this mode for everyone … Read more WhatsApp Dark Mode – What You need to Know First

Best Guitar for Beginners in India

Want to learn guitar? First thing you need is a guitar. There is a lot of variety to choose from. What you want to play is depends on your music taste an Acoustic or an Electric Guitar. A beginner needs a good guitar to start with, which should be of less cost and durable and … Read more Best Guitar for Beginners in India

देवभूमि उत्तराखंड

देवभूमि उत्तराखंड उत्तराखण्ड (पूर्व नाम उत्तरांचल), उत्तर भारत में स्थित एक राज्य है जिसका निर्माण 9 नवम्बर 2000 को कई वर्षों के आन्दोलन के पश्चात भारत गणराज्य के सत्ताइसवें राज्य के रूप में किया गया था। सन 2000 से 2006 तक यह उत्तरांचल के नाम से जाना जाता था। जनवरी २००७ में स्थानीय लोगों की … Read more देवभूमि उत्तराखंड

स्वतंत्रता दिवस

सदियों की गुलामी के पश्चात 15 अगस्त सन् 1947 के दिन हमारा देश भारत आजाद हुआ। पहले हम अंग्रेजों के गुलाम थे। उनके बढ़ते हुए अत्याचारों से सारे भारतवासी त्रस्त हो गए और तब विद्रोह की ज्वाला भड़की और देश के अनेक वीरों ने प्राणों की बाजी लगाई, गोलियां खाईं और अंतत: आजादी पाकर ही … Read more स्वतंत्रता दिवस

Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan – The bond between a sister and a brother is simply very unique and it is very much impossible to describe it in words. From fighting over little-little things to fighting for each other, from getting angry with father for giving extra money to the other one, to filling their 1 … Read more Raksha Bandhan

Best Dog Breeds in India

Best Dog Food Deals The climate of India is Monsoon type, which makes the weather humid. Summer is quite harsh because of the scorching Sun and winters can also get a pretty chill. So the most suitable and best dog breeds which can live in India are as follows. 1.Labrador Introduction Labrador is a very … Read more Best Dog Breeds in India

How to install Google Site Kit plugin on WordPress

google site kit

In this post, I will be covering up that how to install the google site kit plugin and how to set up the plugin on your WordPress website. Read the full post and if you have any querries related to this you can leave a text in the comment section I will reply ASAP! Bringing … Read more How to install Google Site Kit plugin on WordPress