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How to install Google Site Kit plugin on WordPress

In this post, I will be covering up that how to install the google site kit plugin and how to set up the plugin on your WordPress website. Read the full post and if you have any querries related to this you can leave a text in the comment section I will reply ASAP!

Bringing the best of Google tools to WordPress

– by Google Inc.

One place for all google products. Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress shows all the metrics from four google products.
1. Google Search Console 2. Google Analytics 3. Ad-sense 4. Google Page Speed Insights

This plugin will help you to manage the above four products. One place for all. You can manage from one dashboard. This is the best way to add Google services to your WordPress site.

install google site kit

By using Google Site Kit plugin you don’t have to add the codes of analytics, and AdSense to your site code, you don’t have to verify your site to the Google search console. This plugin will do all the work, you don’t have to install any plugin for adding the site tags and much more.

This program is under beta but developers can download it and test it. Soon Google will launch this properly.

How to download and install the Google Site Kit plugin into WordPress

To install Google Site Kit plugin firstly, download the plugin file here.

  • Download the plugin zip file onto your computer (Do not extract the zip file).
  • Go to the dashboard of your WordPress site.
  • Go to plugins and then select add new. Upload plugins and browse for the zip file and click install now.
  • You will soon get a message saying the plugin successfully installed.
  • Go to installed plugins and search (or scroll) for Site Kit by Google and click on activate.
  • To configure the plugin click on Google Cloud Platform OAuth link to generate the client id from your google account for your website.
  • Copy and Paste the code, and authenticate it. Now verify and authenticate the google account and sign in with it. Verify the URL and you are done.
  • Now click to the dashboard and you will see the platforms connected with the consols.

You can add more things to your dashboard. This will show data on every page.

install google site kit

If you having problems setting up and in the installation of the Site Kit Plugin, you can go to the Help section or you can try methods given on the installation page of Google Site Kit.

Problems in the installation and OAuth Confirmation

As I have said earlier that this program is under beta construction so changes and improvement will be undergoing. So here, many of you might face the problems getting OAuth confirmation.

While getting OAuth after confirming the account and accepting terms and conditions, it again redirects to the home page, not to the plugin page, whit a code on the URL bar.

Or many of you might be facing other issues in the google site kit plugin, you can visit the help center and can also visit the GitHub respiratory made by google.

What is the Google Site Kit?

Google Site kit is a WordPress plugin, recently launched by Google inc.
This plugin is used to connect many google services to WordPress without digging into html codes. It makes easy to connect Google Adsense, Analytics, Google Webmasters, Google Page Speed.

How is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is a free, open-source plugin made for wordpress users. This is a very good tool to add – Google Adsense, Analytics, Google Webmasters, Google Page Speed, these google services by using only one plugin a without using HTML or CSS codes.

How Can I use Google Site Kit?

As I have discussed in this post google site kit plugin is a free plugin made for wordpress. You can get it through the official link Google site kit WordPress plugin download. Other details has given in the post.

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  1. I am having issues with OAuth confirmation, after linking with the google account it redirects to the homepage. Any solutions?


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