WhatsApp Dark Mode – What You need to Know First

Dark Mode or Dark Theme on WhatsApp, I know everyone is waiting for this feature update. “What you need to know is there is no dark mode till now.”

The latest beta release of WhatsApp 2.19.254 don’t include the dark mode as well. But WhatsApp is continuing its efforts to make this mode for everyone as soon as possible.

dark mode whstapp dark theme
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They are trying harder to give you an bug free experience with new features like the most awaited “Dark Mode”. But it’s not only the dark mode is coming there is one more feature which is Snapchat like self destructing feature.

This will allow users to set a time limit, from 1 min, 2 min, 1 hour, 1 week etc., and after that the message will self destruct.

But as for now, I don’t have any idea of when WhatsApp will release feature update for everyone, but I think wait will be worth.

Instagram and Twitter already have this feature. But as per whatsapp the dark theme or dark mode on WhatsApp will be different from all these application. 🤔

WhatsApp is a trend of communication between people, this is also the most used messaging application in the world. So it’s quite obvious everyone is just waiting to get this feature.

Dark mode on whatsapp
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And the leaked pictures of this mode made everyone crazy for the experience. 😂🤪 (Leaking pictures & videos is now a trend to get viral on the internet and social media😅😂 *Joke*)

Whstapp and my life read below *WARNING* DO NOT LAUGH.

I am also waiting for the feature, same as everyone I use whatsapp a lot😂 Yes! I am an college student, whstapp is only way where I can reach someone out one night before exam, and ask them for notes 🤪 and luckily I get them in no time 😂😂 miracle na? Sorry for the bad joke🥺

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