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Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android

Dark theme or Dark Mode on WhatsApp

So finally it is here, you can now use the dark theme on Beta version of official WhatsApp. It might have taken a long but worth the wait. I have checked and used the dark mode on Android WhatsApp. I am satisfied with the experience.

In my earlier post, I have informed about this upcoming release. So finally it is here (see the attached screenshots).

WhatsApp dark mode
Whatsapp dark mode settings (Screenshot are from my device, further use is allowed).

Why dark the dark mode?

It is said and proved by developers that, dark wallpapers and dark themed apps use less battery. So this was the main idea behind the concept of dark-themed apps.

WhatsApp is used very excessively. So why should not save some juice of your device, so you can use it for a much longer time, especially for AMOLED screened devices.

 WhatsApp dark mode Chats
Chats demo

Difference between modded WhatsApp (eg: GB WhatsApp) and the official WhatsApp?

The main difference between these two versions is of security and experience. Official WhatsApp gives us security and clean bug-free experience. While modded versions always come up with bugs, and security is the biggest issue.

What about your privacy? Who knows you are being spied somewhere hahaha.

Third-party installation may contain malware or some vulnerable scripts. These scrips and malware can harm the device and the user too.
I am getting too deep into the comparison, which wasn’t a point of this post. But everyone should know the difference.
So people not on the beta mode should wait for the official release. People with beta mode can enjoy this mode prior.

How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

I will tell you how to use WhatsApp dark mode on android devices.

Follow the steps to use WhatsApp dark mode (only for beta users, later for everyone)

Steps to enable dark theme on WhatsApp

How to get the dark mode:-

  • First, update your WhatsApp beta from play store (Android).
  • Go to WhatsApp settings, and navigate to Chats.
  • On top of the menu, you will see the option Display.
  • Click on the Theme option under the display option.
  • Now set it as your preference, you can trigger it with the battery saver or set it as Dark mode.

I will also attach some screenshots with WhatsApp dark theme on Android.

WhatsApp dark mode settings
Dark mode settings

If, you find something that I have missed in the topic leave me a comment below, and I will update the post further.
Thank You! Have a good day!

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